Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Stranger in a strange land.

Hello sweet freedom!
Yep. We're healthy again and both girls are back in school.
Charlotte wanted to play with her leapster this afternoon and told me she wasn't going to school.
I almost had a mini panic attack and then a firm "Put your shoes on,
Leapster will be there when you get home", may have been uttered by yours truley.
And out the door we were!
Crisis averted.
( bad picture of this layout. It looks very cute in person. This photo...not so much!)
It's bad enough when I have made little trips out of the house I feel like a stranger
in a strange land. Now is not the time to be disorientated.
I've got to be on my game to get all those toys that are wanted by my twosome.
Charlotte has already discovered one present. I have to find a good hiding spot in this house.
She's quick. She found it in my closet which she's never gone in before. Nora neither.
Oh well. At least it was only the one.

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Chicka said...

cool layouts woo !
can we get a little blogging about our crazy 3am black friday shopping trip!!