Saturday, May 10, 2008

Best of Times...Worst of Times

Well, our week started out great and it quickly fell apart. On Monday afternoon, the girls received a package from Aunt Sue Sue that contained the beloved Lelli Kelly shoes for Nora.
Did a 4yr old child ever love a pair of shoes more? They are pink, sparkly, and crazy cool. Charlotte got a very sweet pair of reef sandals with a leopard print that she calls her "giraffe shoes". Probably because of the pattern, but I like to think it's because they have a slight platform. Then for a double whammy, another box appeared on the doorstep from Grandma Judy containing all kinds of cute fairy items. Little skirts, wands, plates, cups, and candy, plus so much more that I couldn't keep track. It was a madhouse with all the new goodies. So after our rush of goodness, we left for Nora's last dance class before the dance recital next week. Then it was on to Moe's for our Cinco DE Mayo dinner. Then Nora started to burn up with a fever. I gave her some children's Tylenol and got a call from our neighbor down the street. Her daughter had roseola. She gave it to Nora. Great. We missed a whole week of school and our Mother's Day tea. So Sue Sue sent more shoes. Clogs from Hannah Andersson. Nora has pink, Char has blue and she walks like a baby deer unsure of her legs in them! Too cute!

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