Friday, May 23, 2008

Graduation Celebration

Nora has completed her first year of preschool and we went to her graduation ceremony Wednesday night. Nora and her class sung songs and everyone watched a slide show of the year.

The kids all went back to the classrooms and then parents were supposed to pick up their kid in the room. We had to walk by a table of all kinds of cake to get to Nora, so Charlotte didn't want to have anything to do with getting her sister, she was mesmerized by the Cakes! Just like her mother!

We've started taking evening walks on the golf course. We hardly ever see anyone, but tonight we had to step aside for some late golfers. These guys must have hit at least 6 balls between them teeing off on the 18th. They couldn't see where their balls were landing, so we started taking pictures of the girls. I've decided it is very hard to get a decent picture of Charlotte because she never wants to stand for a picture so everything I have of her, she is moving or I get a picture of the side of her head! So when they completed the hole, we scouted around and found 7 balls on the outskirts of the green! Good bounty for the night. I told the family we'll have to start a tally.

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Anonymous said...

why do you have a golf court in your back yard?