Thursday, May 29, 2008

Let's take a break

This morning Nora was up real early. She likes to get up and talk to her Dad before he leaves for work. Charlotte comes down dressed for the day. Two mornings in a row, she'll wake up and dress herself before we even see her. I think I like this, but also a little sad my baby doesn't need me to pick out her clothes. Who knows...I'll probably be dressing her again tomorrow!

We should be cleaning for our playdate tomorrow, but we've been scrapbooking and playing dolls this afternoon. I actually just put them in their rooms for their nap. Glad we started naptime again. So far, so good....

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Anonymous said...

beauty girls!

just wondering if your smoking crack again seeing as the date on the picture with P says august 2008 when its may?

-LuLu & Sue Sue