Saturday, May 17, 2008

Broadway, Here I come!!!

So our big dance recital weekend has come and gone but I wouldn't be me if I didn't have a story about something crazy happening. Friday night's dance recital was at 6:00p.m. and Nora was a beautiful dancer and made her mama so proud I had tears in my eyes. Her dance was probably was 30 minutes into the start of the show and after her part I raced back to the dressing room to hug my baby and congratulate her. We went back out to the auditorium to watch the rest of the show and especially Charlotte who kept everyone entertained around us with her dancing in the aisle! But alas we left after Act 1 because it was just too long and I was worried the longer Craig watched some of the um....less talented dancers....the more he thought he was wasting money and he kept whispering it was time to sign the kids up for soccer or tennis! was a great night because we had Grandma Judy down from Rochester and we all got to see Nora's first dance.

So let's move on to dance day 2. The dance on Saturday started at 2:00 p.m., but for some terrible reason I had it stuck in my head it started at 2:30. Can you see where this is going?LaDiDa Ann was floating around all morning and afternoon. We're eating snacks at 1:30, I dress Nora in her costume at 1:50....we take pictures outside for a while...pile in the truck and we're halfway there and Craig looks at the clock, it's 2:12 and he says.."I thought this thing started at 2:00 today" My heart stalled and I started to panic....we pull out our tickets...they say 2:00! Holy C#@+! We tear into that high school, we're beeping at cars to get out of our way, driving around people, Craig pulls up to the auditorium doors, I jump out, scoop Nora and start a full out run to get her inside with her class. I book to the dressing rooms...the other little girls aren't there...random stage moms see me and yell out "Her dance is happening right now...they've already started!" This is my nightmare, not real, not real is running through my head. My heart is racing, my lungs hurt, I'm racing around in wooden clogs, for heaven's sake, but we didn't come this far for nothing! So I turn around, clutching my baby and I see that stage door and I tear it open and see I got us backstage on the right where that little girl in my arms belongs...and I put her down and give her a good shove and she twirls out to where she is meant to be! The stage mom turns and looks at me in astonishment and I start this crazy hysterical laughter because I figure I probably lost my mind already. Is she going to yell at me....she can't hurt me...I'm already a crazy woman and now a bad mother! I tell her this in between breaths of hysteria. She pats my shoulder and tells me I'm not a bad mother and it's all OK. The dance ends, Nora comes over to me and I hug my baby and tell her she was fantastic and Nora tells me..."I only got to dance the end!" Someone give me the award for world's worst mother already! So to make matters even sadder, I carry Nora into the auditorium and see Craig, Grandma, and Charlotte standing with an usher trying to find their seats and Craig has his camera and equipment to take Nora's picture dancing and I have to tell them it's all over and they missed it.

All was not lost, so don't get too sad. We All saw Nora dance on Friday night. I just told Craig to leave his camera at home because all the dance communist manifesto stuff said No Flash Photography and I didn't want Craig to make us stand out and I'd be embarrassed. Yeah I'd gladly take Craig and his flash photography over my tsunami of embarrassments any day! Lesson learned...see ya later dance class until next year if they'll have us!


Anonymous said...

typical annie luck!
two weeks from now nora wont even remember

love you!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this story! Hilarious!!!