Saturday, May 3, 2008

Zoo Days

This past April, the girls and I purchased memberships for the Richmond Zoo so we can attend all year round. With prices skyrocketing on everything right now, if we go at least three times this year our membership is more than paid for. Now we have a a good activity to fall back on for those long days of summer! It's actually a pretty cool zoo too. You can buy a cup of zoo snacks at the gate for 2 bucks and practically feed every animal on the premises with the exception of the lions, tigers, and bears (oh my... yeah I couldn't resist!) I was unable to get a snapshot of the girls feeding the giraffes, but here are a couple of them feeding the barn animals. I'll get better shots this summer because we went on a Friday morning when it looked like every school age kid in Richmond was on a field trip there. Note to self...Do Not go to zoo on a day when there are at least 50 school buses in the parking lot. Turn around and Leave!

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Anonymous said...

love those babiess!

p.s Perez would totally have had an update by now!!