Friday, July 25, 2008

Doing my best Miley

Story on these pants at bottom.
Love that little face! These pictures are from Thursday. Playing outside after picking Nora up from VBS.
Watch out! Yeah, I'm too old to be posing and taking pictures of myself, but I've got a CHILD in these photos too. If I don't get pictures of us, no one will. I know I mocked Allie after looking at her Face book. Why do young girls constantly take photos of themselves? So I did my best Miley Cyrus impression for my close up. Anyway that facial expression came from reading too much Perez .
Another one with the three of us! Yeah! We hardly have any pictures of us! I'm always taking pictures, but not of myself. I've definitely calmed down. I hated having my picture taken for a long time.
I think now with all the scrapbooking I've been doing, I've come to realize I want my kids to know what I looked like at this age. I want to know what my mother looked like at 33. I don't have that. Do I look like my mother or father at this age? I want Nora and Charlotte to have these pictures and whatever stories I remember to write down.
Charlotte is using the scissors I bought her for bad! She is cutting everything in sight. In this picture, Nora is holding the stuffing from a bear that Charlotte cut open. The playroom floor is littered with the flesh of stuffed animals and doll hair!
OK... as I was literally writing this post, Charlotte was cutting off her pajamas! I'm not joking! Hence the picture I added at the top. Craig caught her and confiscated the scissors. Bye bye scissors! Now why didn't I think of that? Maybe because Craig caught the look on my face and told me, "It's not funny." Yikes! That scary German!

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madeleine :-) said...

oh man i've got two things to say..

a.) the picture of all three of you is my favorite!

b.) were you in the closet using drugs again?! the pip and scissors sounds sketchy!