Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Recognize anything?

Could it be? Is it really him? The birthday bear made a surprise appearance last night during the singing portion of Pinky's birthday.
Don't be too upset sister that the birthday bear is now a Virginian. I may have to hide him when you're here on your visit in August.

Why are there two girls on my bookshelves?

What happened to my glorious books?

I can't take a picture. It's too horrible. "That junk" as Charlotte fondly calls my books are all over the floor. They are using them to block the doors so I can't escape. Which I really wanted to do after I took the picture where Charlotte pulled Nora's hair. Screech City!!!


lulu said...

looks like some laskowycz clothing on those babies!

and happy birthday pinkyyy!

Sue Sue said...

Is pip the last one to ever wear the cow dress?

give me that birthday bear!
save me from the curse!