Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Weekend

Yesterday we went up to Fredericksburg, VA to look around and do a little shopping. Cute downtown, a lot of character, reminded me of Williamsburg. All very nice, but nothing compares to Newport, RI. Now that's colonial done right!

These pictures were taken last night on our tot lot. Nora is wearing a boys t-shirt from Target. Shh! She doesn't know and I got it for $0.49. It looks beautiful with her eyes.

Today more of the same. Char and I went to Target this morning and went a little batty. They have a lot of stuff on clearance, so we picked up some new outdoor toys. Also a cool rug.

Got to get off the computer now. Kids are going loco!

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madeleine said...

pretty babies :-)
and cute pappyone!