Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One major project

Last weekend, Craig rented a stump grinder to rid the backyard of at least 8 stumps. This is it. A very strange and scary machine that had me and the girls running away!
It is a cool thing though that Craig knows what he is doing with all this stuff. He really did power his way through the backyard grinding all those stumps.
You wouldn't know we lived in a residential neighborhood on a golf course with all the farm machines on the property. Ahh...gotta love rural Virginia.
This coming weekend, Craig is planning on finishing the grading of the yard and planting grass seed. Then hopefully it will rain, rain , and rain!
Our one casualty from last weekend. A stone shot up from the stump grinder and broke a kitchen window. This window was changed out on Monday. Our German fixes things lickety split!

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suesue said...

go german go!