Monday, July 28, 2008

While we wait

I made a video of the girls relaxing and chatting on the front steps of the house after a morning of slip & slide but I can't get it to load.
I've tried twice to get it up, but to no avail. I will try again later tonight to see if I can figure it out.
So in the meantime for your viewing pleasure, I made this layout of the Pipster. I was inspired by her beautiful medley yesterday.
Of to make some layouts for Nora's album. I haven't made a Nora layout in a while.
I think the girls are sleeping, but I hear a lot of noise coming from upstairs. So I'm going to go investigate because one of my beauties is definitely awake. Goodbye!


your favorite neice said...

aww how cuteee

Ann said...

Favorite Niece
Who taught you how to spell?

Anonymous said...

Ann, I have seen your English. Might have been you? What is your Major again? ;)

Ann said...

Are you causing trouble again?