Thursday, July 17, 2008

My national geographic photographer

Miss Nora took these pictures today at the zoo. I think she did a fantastic job and she can't wait to print them out so she make a book with them.
Nora and Charlotte have been busy making books. They draw beautiful pictures and use their glue sticks to make a book. We have been saving them in a special place to show family when they visit.
They are having a very crafty summer. I signed Nora and Charlotte up for the same dance class this year. Ballet/ Tap I.
I'm putting Charlotte in the class also. We are skipping Creative Movement with Charlotte. She's got rhythm and the moves, so I think she can handle herself with 4-5yr old. Go Char Char!


madeleineee said...

aww what a big girl P is!

Anonymous said...

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suesue said...

nora's following in her parents foot steps. wonderful pictures!