Friday, September 5, 2008

Back to happy homemaker

So all my politics have been corrupting my daily business of being an all around superwoman and mom! The last couple of nights watching the convention and then watching all the pundits has had me in a republican haze! Plus, I've been popping Tums like a woman possessed because I think I'm developing an ulcer from MSNBC. Tell me I'm not the only one who was in hysterical mania glee when Andrea Mitchell under attack from balloons! Loves It!
So here it is a convention free day but my children are still suffering the mania that is their mother because it's almost dinner time and they are still wearing their pajamas from last night. So I took mine off at noon so I could get the newspaper out in front of the house. Big deal....let's not tell Craig though. Why does he have to know...I did do some vacuuming. I'll make sure he knows that.
Charlotte wanted me to trace her little beautiful foot onto her paper and I did it so haphazardly I got purple marker all over the little dears foot. Oh bother. We'll get rid of that in the bath this evening.
We're very happy with the Big Foot mama was able to draw. Note to can't get away with half arsed drawings for much longer. Nora already expects perfection and my complete attention when we are playing or drawing. Charlotte still letting me slide!

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Anonymous said...

everyones allowed a pajama day :)

p.s team edward!