Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend Update

This was my kitchen on Friday night. Where did everything go?
This was in my kitchen on Saturday night. A beautiful new range that we purchased awhile ago to go with our kitchen renovations. I like to cook with gas, so we had to get rid of our electric cook top. Next comes the range hood and replacing our cabinets. I took video of Craig cutting the granite on Friday. How did he learn to do this? You Tube! So I had to tape him too. For prosperity!
Nora's new haircut. We went to Divas-N-Dudes. We went on a Saturday afternoon and if you follow the link you'll see the pink Corvette Nora sat in for her haircut.
Charlotte, where are you going in the Hummer looking so cool?

OK...I found out who the final three are on Project Runway. Follow this link if you want some spoilers! Go (insert your fave.)!

On a very sad note...I got a call from Mrs. Bradley this weekend to let us know, Mrs. Survello, another of Nora's teachers passed away. She was only 46 and had been fighting cancer. We just saw her at the library less than two weeks ago and she was filling me in on all the new teachers this year. She was always so good to Nora and we used to see her all the time outside of school.
Library, grocery store, and restaurants, we were always running into her and we always stopped to chat. She was a good person.

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madeleine said...

i like the keen's hair!
and im not happy about the top three
this year was a bore for Project Runway!