Monday, September 8, 2008

Dancing days are here again!

Notoriously clueless dance mom strikes again!

This time she places her 3yr old daughter in a dance class with 6yr olds! I am very confident Charlotte can handle herself well. Hopefully if they are going to bounce her, they better do it within the month so I can still return the tap shoes.

So today was the first day of dance class. I was so proud of both of my girls. Charlotte showed no trepidation at all. In fact she just flounced into dance class, told the teacher her name and took a seat. Nora was still holding my hand out in the hall while I talked with another mom. Then we walked in the class and the teacher said "I remember Nora". Nora gave me a little smooch and took her seat, Charlotte was already sitting on her spot on the floor, so she gave me a little smile. Boy, to think I was worried about her!

So I sat outside the class and spoke with other moms and found out the mom next to me had her 5yr and 6yr old daughters in the same class as Nor and Char. I didn't want to tell her mine where only 3&4yrs old! It's ballet/tap I for 4-5yr old girls, so they've got to have some flexibility.
But I still didn't want to say my 3yr old was taking the same class as her 6yr old. I felt weird like I was pushing my kid like Britney Spears' mom! I don't want to have anything in common with the momzilla! Come on seriously!

So everyone had fun and we got a pizza after dance class to celebrate. Craig is attending some builder's bash so we won't be home for dinner.

Which reminds me, we went to pizzaria uno for dinner on Sunday because they have a deal where kids pay what they weigh. There was a stone in our pizza and Craig found it and almost broke his tooth. So gross...anyway, the manager came over, apologized, wanted Craig to fill out an accident report, and comp our meal. Craig didn't fill out any reports and only let the guy take the lousy pizza off our bill. I tell you, if I bite down on that stone, I would've puked on the table! As it was I was so grossed out...I needed the pizza and plates removed ASAP. Nora and Charlotte ate their mac & cheese and Dino nuggets with no fear. Crazy good kids.

Just a quick scrap I made over the weekend of the girls. I hope to get more done this week.

Well school orientation tomorrow! I am definitely more excited than the girls right now. I'll be back tomorrow with more stories. I hope I don't embarrass the girls too much! ;)

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madeleine said...

dancing beauties!
p.s you have the worst luck w. restaurants!