Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It looks like Rochester outside

Somebody tell Pinky to start making McCain buttons!
Go team Jacob!
Yes Lulu...I didn't forget your vampire! Lame!

It's raining here and both girls are in school and I am surfing the net. I needed to use the printer but we are out of paper. Nora and Charlotte like to print A LOT! I get them on the Disney, Noggin, Webkinz, and Pony sites, leave the room and they start printing everything! Nora usually does all the printing and coloring, then Charlotte takes the scissors to all the paper (I know...I gave them back!) I have no one to blame but myself when my house is littered with the forlorn shreds of mermaids, Dora, and puppies! (Not Pinky....shudder....Webkinz puppies!)

Found this site today too. It's a little funny. I went back in the archives to read past gossip, I don't buy any tabloids so I have to get my gossip fix elsewhere!

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madeleine said...

haha what are those things?