Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gotta love Trader Joes!

Reunited and it feels so good! Love Love this store! First found it in CA, then one in Mass. we would go to when we lived in RI, then we hit the one in Newport News once a year since we've been here. But now they built one up in Short Pump and I am so glad! Nora, Charlotte, and I went there today. We bought frozen eggplant cutlets, pasta, and vodka sauce for dinner and a ginormous fruit tray w/ a yogurt dip for dessert. Plus a bunch of other goodies we probably do or don't need! Hope it's all yummy.

We also got a Whole Foods this month too. It's actually one block over from Traders but we didn't hit that today. You can only make it through one grocery without a rebellion with a 4yr and 3yr old in tow. We were having a really good day, don't press your luck, and you'll get no whammies!

I really like this picture of "the girls" w/ Thomas Jefferson in Williamsburg. That was a really fun day. Sister enjoyed her wine and peanut brittle and I enjoyed going thru the sample line at the peanut company and then going back for seconds!
Ah...she's so beautiful. Any time she sees a picture of Obama/McCain she exclaims, "Mommy! That's your show!" Gotta love my baby!

I found my camera. I gotta apologize for besmirching the good names of my innocent children. I left it in the laundry room and by the grace of God, I accidentally found it the other day. My fault because of my faulty memory! Bad mommy!


Anonymous said...

kenees a little cutieee

suesue said...

you have too many food stores! grandma sal would go crazy buying all the new products.