Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh no

I think some little hands walked off with my camera!

I have no idea where it could be and I've looked everywhere I normally keep it. So we (me, Nora, & Charlotte) probably have to turn a couple rooms upside down searching for it. So until we find it, no pictures for you.

Nora told me to use Daddy's camera the other night at dinner. Daddy said no. Drats! I like his camera!

I read this article this morning and I found it interesting. I like to read the comments after the articles and figured out I am a bit lacking in my FDR and LBJ history and now must read more about their new deals and great society plans.


madeleine said...

no blog pictures=unhappy blog readers!

Shrimper said...

I think Ann pawned the camera for a new book!!!! Sounds right doesn't it Craig