Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday AM

Both girls have that wet hacking cough this morning. Good times. Charlotte is especially SENSITIVE this morning. We've already had several interventions to protect Pinky. It's all love all the time for Pinky even if it gets a little intense.
So I got a paparazzi picture of my favorite little dog tormentor. She was not pleased to say the least. Time to recite Prayer of St.'s going to be a long day!

Fun times last night at a dinner for Catholic Charities in NYC last night. Good to know they both have a sense of humor. Here are the videos on MSNBC, it's really funny. Hillary looks like she's going to fall off her chair laughing at McCain's jokes!
On another note, I wish McCAin would stop making
faces like this, I'd feel better about this election.


suesue said...

mccain was the funniest.

madeleine said...

grouchy in the morning just like her favorite cousin