Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Busy week here at the Schneider household. On Monday, Craig's buddy Paul came to visit. Craig and Paul were in the navy and room mates out in San Diego. We haven't seen Paul since we left San Diego and now he lives in Brazil. So he was in the states this week catching up with family and friends and we were excited he came for a visit. No one was as excited as Nora and Charlotte. They absolutely loved having Paul here. They are sweet southern hostesses and they loved showing "Mr. Paul" their playroom and artwork!
So we did some touristy things while Paul was here such as bringing him to the Shirley Plantation and Williamsburg. Paul is also has a photography business in Brazil so he and Craig were a bit competitive taking pictures of the girls. Craig, of course, taught Paul all he knew, but I think Paul may have taught the master, but don't let Craig know I said that!

I bought Nora and Char some stuffed horses in a touristy shop and they are holding up their horses so the real horses can "see" them. So cute!

Big day at school on Thursday. We had a Halloween parade and class party. I was the room mother for Nora's class and I got the kids playing musical chairs, hot potato, and they got to decorate their own cookies. I think Nora loved having me there. She got to hand out the stickers to her classmates after the game and she had a big proud smile on her face. I loved that!

Here is Charlotte walking in the parade. She is a fairy princess. She is wearing Nora's ballet costume from her dance recital and a cool pair of wings!
Nora and her teacher Mrs. Niemaseck. She's a really fun teacher and Nora likes her a lot.

Now this is Mrs. Bradley and the girls adore her. She was Nora's teacher last year and Charlotte's this year. Char is a big ham around her!
Today we carved our pumpkins and I will write a new post tomorrow with pictures as well as trick or treat pictures.
Happy Halloween!


madeleine said...

aww what cuties!

suesue said...

we love annie blog pictures the best! the girls are way too cute.