Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday endings

We ended our busy day with some sneaky putt putt on the golf course. The girls are taking a quick golf lesson here from their dad.
Charlotte is mesmerized by her dad's awesomeness at golf.
Nora enjoying Nature more than the sound fundamentals of a golf swing.

No golf carts on the horizon. Quick, let's get on the green and get some golf on!

Yes, Dad is practicing his chipping and he did take the shot with the kids standing next to the flag. No... he did not hit them, but he did get a stern talking to from the hot tempered Irish woman who almost did get hit while taking this picture.


Schrimper said...

Well at least I know Craig's aim is alright. ;)

madeleine said...

haha you guys would sneak onto a golf course

Anonymous said...

ah look who it is leaving a comment.
i love you guys =)

love your favorite cousin and niece,
alexandria victoria