Monday, October 13, 2008

Palin Power!

Beautiful WARM day for a Palin Rally. We were standing in the way back near the news vans and near 10 protesters who kept trying to get on camera. Beautiful skies by the way. I have a lot more pictures and it was really was a gorgeous day!
Charlotte the photographer taking a pic of her toes for the event. Looking good! She shreds her hand wipes and then decorates her shoes with them. Maybe a phase, but she's running with it.!
Looking good mom and dad at least from Charlotte's prospective. Or at least big red giants! We were asked to wear red to keep VA red this November.
Little Nora so proud holding our tickets! This is when we first got there and we didn't have the crowds around us YET! Two pictures below a hasty photo editing so maybe you can see Palin. She's in the center with Todd, a snow machine champion, and Hank Williams Jr. He sang the national anthem and a song dissing the liberal media. I can't remember how it went but it was pretty funny.

My girl on the ground and my girl in the sky. I had Char on my shoulders in the beginning until she started screaming she had to SIT DOWN during the Pledge of Allegiance!
This photo should have been at the top. Sarah making her entrance on the Straight Talk Express. The whole place went wild when the bus pulled in. We were hooting and hollering and chanting USA and SARAH. I heard DRILL BABY DRILL but that didn't extend to our area.
We kinda left after Sarah started speaking because it was getting hot, the girls were VERY restless and thirsty, and we had dance at 4:30 and Sarah didn't start her speech until 3:00. We got some yard signs (already up!) and bumper stickers on our way out. All in all a very cool time for all. If you want to see pics from Richmond Times click here and watch the slide show. You'll also hear Hank's song about McCain/Palin.
Good end of dance parents were invited in to watch some dancing and Charlotte danced! Last time she became very shy when all the parents crowded in to watch the kids and left her place to stand with me. This time Nora and Charlotte both were tapping and were fantastic!


suesue said...

photos for future social studies projects. love the toes charchar!

Scrimper said...

HOLY CRAP is that a photo with Ann in it? How did that make it by the editor!!!!! ;)