Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Debate tonight!

Thanks to Aunt Sue Sue, the girls are totally styling at school again this year. Char's skirt looks like an old lady skirt that hits her in the calf, but it actually hits her knee.
Char was running around so her skirts and everything else she wears has a tendency to slide down on her little hips when she's active.
I've been working on all kinds of crafts lately. The girls and I have a lot of projects going on right now. When we aren't play dating, we're usually in the playroom doing our arts and crafts.

This layout of Lulu is not complete, but I love that picture of the BOOZY! LOL...how do you spell that nickname! I'm not sure who's foot was on her face. Who abused you Lulu? Will finish this later this week.
I've also been making these felt flowers and attaching them to barrettes for the girls to wear in their hair. I've also been making felt appliques for their clothes and sewing/gluing them on. Budget crunch time means mommy is only spending money on necessities and we've been altering some old clothes to reflect some new styles we like. Yeah...I'm thrifty (Craig) like that!

Debate is tonight.....I feel nervous.


suesue said...

is your blood turning german? love your fashion crafts.

Anonymous said...

it's bousy and i think thats the pip because those are mermaid toes not pink!