Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weird weird weird

There are a lot of people in VA with No teeth.

First.... another tree guy stopped by to see if he could take down the dead tree we have already paid another toothless guy to take down. Where is he by the way, we paid him in August and still no show?...says he's waiting til the bees that inhabit the tree are dead.

Second....Craig informs me Tuesday night at 11pm, he put some furniture that we currently have stored in our garage on Craigslist. Sure...whatever.
Wed. am calls start bright and early for Nora's crib set. Strange guy from Williamsburg calls and says he's on his way to check out our desk, He keeps calling back to ask dumb questions...who's the maker, can you fit a keyboard in the middle drawer....etc. It was weird... so next time we put some stuff on, it has to be on a weekend so he can handle the weirdos.

Third...We decide to go out for ice cream after dinner on Friday night. We want to try this place in Colonial Heights that advertises custard. We love custard...we think we're getting Abbotts, but it's all a lie!! All they are serving is freezer burned ice cream out of Costco buckets with burnt hot fudge. I would have turned around right there but we were being harassed by another toothless weirdo who liked our Hummer. He told Craig his family invented the hummer and dug out a crusty wallet to show Craig his ID. So I didn't want to take my family out into the dark night with this whack job who's begging Craig to let him look at the truck's engine. So I order us these stale ice creams to keep us in the shop and hopefully this homeless guy will leave us alone. He finally disappears and we're left with expensive gross stinky ice cream.

Yeehaw! Craig finished the venting tonight for the range. He built that entire cabinet housing the vent out of pieces of the cabinets we removed. Pure talent that man! It was SO heavy! I had to help lift it in the house and up on the counter. I told him no way I could stand on the counter and hold it up on the wall while he screwed it in. Hence the ghetto stands we created to take a load off me! Heehee!


madeleine said...

haha what a sad week for anniee!
don't find many teethless hobos coming up to you in rochester :-)

suesue said...

tell master chief that i was right about those toothless hillbillies. we should have called the police! you was robbed!