Friday, October 24, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch today! We got there at 9:45am and stayed until 1:00pm. We were pretty smart this time and brought bags to carry our pumpkins. We didn't have our man with us to carry our pumpkins, so I had to make due with some shoulder bags.
The girls were having a blast playing with their friends. We rode out on a tractor to the patch and ran to where we saw the biggest pumpkins and grabbed three we saw there. We had to dash back to the tractor because it was taking off with our friends on board without us. When we were on the ride I saw a truck pull in and start unloading more pumpkins in the patch. I didn't realize they have to refill it all day. I would have hung around because the pickings where kinda slim on our time in the patch. Nora and Charlotte were totally happy with any pumpkin they got, it was their greedy gus mama who wanted a ginormous pumpkin!
We fed the goats, went through a small maze in the barn, and played on the playground.
It was getting packed and school buses were dropping off loads of kids and then a large busload of kids coming to use the playground had smocks on with the name of a certain school in our area that made all the news because they had to shut it down for a week because of some highly contagious virus going around.
Immediately I go...."Nora & Charlotte follow me!!" I led them off the playground to a place far away to have a snack and play with a couple of their friends. Better safe than sorry in my book!
So it was only about 50 degrees or so today and I COULDN'T get my children to wear a jacket!
Their little bodies must have that fine Yankee blood running through it because most of their southern brethren were decked out in jackets, winter coats, and some hats & gloves.
Strange because last year at this patch it was so hot getting our pumpkins, we were sweating our tails off.

So we've got a busy weekend planned with some shopping, religious ed., and our neighborhood harvest festival.
Also a big shout out to our favorite fashion guru/baby clothes hider on her birthday.


madeleine! said...

def. the cutest kids there!
feels like yesterday baby Nora was knocking over the giant expensive pumpkins in penfield!

suesue said...

love the faces on the girls when sitting next to the little boy. all shy like!