Sunday, January 4, 2009

Flea Market

We hit the flea market bright and early this morning. I wanted to check out other people's junk. Not really, I wanted to see if I could find some old/vintage papers, trims, or buttons for scrapbooking. Craig found some really cool old magazines from the 1950s and a very old music songbook for me. Cool.
So while I was taking pictures of the girls with Craig's camera, the girls were taking pictures of EVERYTHING with my camera. I haven't even looked at the disc to see what they have on there. Charlotte spent most of the time in the wagon and I saw her taking pictures of the ground. After a bit, I asked her nicely to stop.

I sent Craig in to buy some avocados, limes, and onion for me in this tent. Then I made Nora stand in front of the papayas for a picture. I still get embarrassed asking people how much things cost at fruit stands. Why, I have no clue. Can you guess what I'm making this evening? Yummo!

Leaving the flea market, Charlotte could care less. I think she was getting cold. Her hat wouldn't stay on right and she kept taking her gloves off to snack. This baby does not like the cold at all.

Nora is upset. She saw some dog toy somewhere and we didn't buy it for her. Now we're leaving and the world as she knows it is ending. I know what she is thinking here, "must whine for next 5 hrs or until parents buy me something else!" She did and we did. Come on, Craig reached his limit and pulled over to the Dollar store. Nora got a purple bunny and he's not going to bury us all in the backyard tonight! ;) Win win.

Back to the master bath this evening. Can you see what color we're painting it?
We hit 2 TJ Maxx's, Lowes, Home Depot, Target, Walmart, Steinmart, and Michaels looking for mirrors for the bathroom. We finally found 2 perfect mirrors and the best deal of them all at Kirklands.


suesue said...

let the german barter for you, it's in his blood! love nora's jeans, they look great on her. stylin'!! poor P, she has developed southern blood.

Anonymous said...

i cant stand how cute they are and how bad i wanna squezze them to pieces =)
&& talk about being spoiledddd ;)
xoxo, chicka.