Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday, Monday....

I'm trying to edit some pictures I have sitting in my camera because Ritz has 6 cent prints on Tuesday and Wednesday. They had 5 cent prints on these 2 days in December, but they raised it a penny on us this month. They're the 3x5 prints only, which are my favorite to scrapbook with anyway.
They used to advertise this deal in a circular we got with the Sunday newspaper, but I haven't seen one in a while. I sent an order through on Saturday for some 4x6 prints to pick up sometime in the day. We (the whole family) went to pick them up and Charlotte and I elected to wait in the car while Craig and Nora went inside. We sat in there for over 10 minutes and I could see through the window, Craig just standing around. Enter Momma & Charlotte.
What's up?
They're not ready.
What? I put the order in over 4 hrs ago.
I look around, see the cashier who was helping Craig and she's standing next to a sign that reads
4x6 prints in an hour or they're free
Bingo...except our cashier was going to charge us until I pointed out we were due for some free pictures. After a long conversation with her manager we received free prints.
Craig was embarrassed, but I saved us $11.
I'll send him in there for the next set. I feel like persona non grata, but they advertise it, it's alright I asked for it, right?
Oh yeah....I saw the sign for the 6 cent deal while we were waiting for our pictures. Miss Observant that day!

Why has the sky been so beautiful lately? Every time I'm retreating to the kitchen to make our dinner, I catch a beautiful sight like this out the window.

Quiet time in the bathroom is dangerous.
Must work on being more alert when Charlotte is being silent.
Cleaning a mirror when it's soapy is difficult.

Pinky dog!

Dogs are popular in our house.


Anonymous said...

great pictures! I need to get out and practice with my camera settings more often.

suesue said...

love the last picture of char char. the photo place has to give you free picture!!!