Saturday, January 3, 2009

He Man

Sometimes you hear stories about mean moms who don't let their kids leave the table until they eat all their veggies? Well, I've taken this idea and run with it when it comes to Charlotte and water.

I can't begin to tell you how many sippy cups full of milk, juice, and water I throw away daily. So I fill a cup halfway with water at meal time and I make Charlotte drink it before she can leave. She needs to consume more liquids and I'm a worrier. This is her put out face.
Ah Nora! Drinking a cup of afternoon tea like a little champ. She loves her beverages ever since she was a baby.
In the foreground is Charlotte's tea in the blue cup. It's still sitting there untouched. If I threw a cookie in, just maybe she would drink it!

Craig and his projects!!!
Today it's the master bath remodel. Granted, it needs a lot of TLC. We never did a thing when we moved in 3 yrs ago. So we bought some paint and new towels at Walmart last night. This is
Craig's new project.
I was downstairs cleaning up after lunch (homemade chicken noodle soup & I Do still cook meals) when I hear my name yelled upstairs. I think "shit" it's Craig and he needs my help with something.
Now Craig NEVER needs my help unless it's something crazy. He's taking the gigantic mirror above our vanity off the wall. I'm feeling trepidation, but I'm game. I have to pull my end of the mirror up out of the metal niche it's sitting in and away from the wall and rest it on the vanity.
It's SOOOOOOOO heavy and I'm pretty much a wimp, so I am in trouble immediately. I can't pull it out and Craig starts yelling I'm bending the mirror and I'm going to snap it. I'm Irish and I want to get away from this bad luck mirror and run screaming from the room. But I can't, so I do the next best thing, curse Craig out like a wacko!
Somehow we get the damn thing out and off the wall. That's not the end destination though. Sitting on the floor next to the wall in our bedroom is. I tell Craig I can't do it, we've got to cut it in two pieces to move it, it's HEAVY.
While I'm bemoaning the sorry state that we got ourselves into, why didn't he consult me on this before he started, he picks that damn GIGANTIC mirror up himself and starts yelling commands, "Make sure the back doesn't hit anything!" "Direct me out!"
YIKES! He's a maniac!
I do my part and subconsciously think I would have let some expletives fly if I was left with moving it myself.
He does it. It's over. No big deal. Craig goes back in the bathroom and finishes painting.
go get the camera and sneak around and take his picture!
Don't look at me Mr. He Man, I'm just here for the view!

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suesue said...

THAT CRAZY GERMAN!!! you weak irish poet sister. build some muscle woman. I'm with P i would rather eat COOKIES!! P sitting at the table reminds me of the liver dinner grandma sal held Bing and me captive at the table until we chow down on dried out ,smelly liver. we ended up opting out and going to bed.