Saturday, January 17, 2009's already the middle of January?

Time is going too fast around here. Every day, it is becoming clearer to me that my girls are growing up. Little things they say or do sometimes make me pause and I marvel at what smart little girls I have. Nora knows her phone number now and will tell you in detail the biography of any stuffed animal she owns.

I was ready to blog earlier when Charlotte came in to inform me,

"He's not making my strawberry moo"
"Well, ask him again"
"I did...he's eating chips and he's a big large mean Daddy."

Bless her heart....I jumped up to make her strawberry milk because I love that Craig is on her big large mean list. I've been the sole occupant forever!

I obviously don't scrap anything in order. I need variety, so to that I say
Summer meet.......



lulu said...

loving pips pig tails in the scrap!

suesue said...

your winter looks like our fall. love your new scrape pages.

chicka said...

come to rochester so i can steal those babies =)