Thursday, January 1, 2009

A new year

New Year's Eve: kicking it off with some tasty appetizers. Otherwise known as Ann not wanting to cook another elaborate holiday meal. Everybody likes a bunch of tasty nibbles, right?
New Year's Day: Daddy Date
Craig and Nora went on a Daddy date to the Dollar Store, no Mama, no Charlotte. Remember the whole fiasco on my birthday? I told Nor that Daddy would make it up to her another time. I picked today. They left and came home about half an hour later with gummy worms, chips, and shower cleaner. Now who's the winner here?

Daddy and his girls; Did somebody say EZ cheese? yeah...rockin' it with EZ Cheese and Chicken Biscuit crackers. Apparently Craig developed a fondness for this combo underway in the Navy. It kinda grosses me out and it's turned into a "special" occasion snack. It must be good because the kids and dog were like white on rice when he produced it for a mid-day snack!

Horrible picture, but there were like 5 deer in the yard this evening. That's the most I've seen in the yard while it's still been light. Between the birds of yesterday and the deer, I feel like I'm living in a real nature preserve.


madeleineee said...

ew to much animals bugs and nature in virginia for me!

suesue said...

hurry back to rochester where wildlife is in cages!

Shrimper said...

How about the topic of an elaborate meal? When was the last time for that, Newport? ;)