Friday, January 9, 2009

Rules of the road according to Charlotte Schneider

Hello boy.
Yes, this is a police car and I'm going to ride in it.
It's NOT a boy's only car.

Dum dee dum DUMM.

I'm being carjacked!
Get your hand off my police radio before you get a beat down!

This is MY car and MY police radio and I'm going to protect it from you.
By the way, keep your filthy hands off my flashing lights!

I was at this gas pump first!
Get back in your pink and purple princess car BOY!
I've got a gang roving these parts and I'm about to sic them on you
because you're becoming REAL annoying.

Did you see the nerve of that kid? Geesh.
(Sorry for blurry pics, but I had to catch the action!)

1 comment:

suesue said...

go char char go ! allie left comment the other day- GREECE POLICE.